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Osteopathy for the newbornONLY AT LOCATION MOABIT!

This subsection was developed for children with functional problems caused during the time inside the mother’s uterus or during birth.
The baby’s body its perfectly build to survive in very limited space and under the enormous pressure during the passage through the mother’s pelvis. The connective tissue is very soft and flexible, most of the bones are not ossified yet and quite relocatable. Cranial deformations after birth often reform without any treatment.
But sometimes the ability of self regulation is not high enough to reform all changes. The lasting tension in the connective tissue affects alignment, organ function even ossification. This can cause symptoms without detectable diseases in the sense of western medicine.


Obvious asymmetry in the cranial shape or in the body
Considerable asymmetry in use of body (without present palsy)
Retardation of motor development
Problems in breast feeding (baby only lays on one side, turns head only to one side, dysphagia)
Regurgitation without enteral infection
Permanent crying


There are very few contraindications for osteopathic treatments, but they exist
- Acute infections / diseases with fever
- Tumor diseases
- Acute injuries

Way of treatment

The treatment for the newborn is carried out with delicate contact and minimal impulses. The baby’s tissue is so soft, flexible and sensitive that sometimes contact with fingertips is sufficient.
For the application of more pressure the weight of the baby’s body can be used through handling and positioning.
Osteopathic techniques are divided into structural (or direct) techniques and functional (or indirect) techniques. In the treatment of the newborn I mostly use functional techniques. I follow the present tension in the tissues and thereby give the body time and space for recreation and realignment.