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Musician’s medicine

Musician’s medicine includes all diseases and functional disorders that are related to professional singing or music playing. Therefore a lot of different medical specialists are involved in the treatment of musicians and singers: phoniatricians, orthopedists, ENT physicians, neurologists etc.
But physicians who are specialized in musician’s medicine are still rare and even more seldom are qualified therapists.
To become a pro in performing arts means ten thousands of hours of exercise already before the university study. During the study and after musicians and singers have to work under enormous pressure and in a very competitive environment. To stay fit and healthy is fundamental in this profession. But quite often instruments require an asymmetric posture and working under pressure facilitates inefficient motor patterns or overuse. The imbalance in body movements (using very fast and highly complex movements in small regions, as fingers and arms, while staying nearly in the same position with the rest of the body for a long time) causes several problems that have to be thoroughly assessed.
Traveling is part of the job and doesn’t help to keep in shape. Rehearsals are usually in the morning and performances at night with not much time in between. It takes a lot of self discipline and organization to add regular sports activity.
Even though musicians and singers have to provide as much as professional sportsmen they are not supported by physiotherapists or doctors during their tours or in daily live.

My work includes anamnesis, assessments and treatment with different methods. These could be osteopathy, exercises for stretching and strengthening, supporting coordination, evaluation and improvement of motor learning skills and counseling.
Feldenkrais lessons can be conducted with or without the instrument. Counseling can focus on body exercises, practice routine, instrument’s ergonomics or compensatory sports activities.